Knowledge base

General (1)

General topics, FAQs and Help.

Getting Started (1)

Using this online help site

Configuration (3)

Setting dropdown, labels and other configuration settings

Learners (10)

Learner record management and reporting

Staff (7)

Staff record management and reporting

Timetabling (3)

Creating sessions, timetables and tutorials

Attendance (1)

Recording registers

Event Logs (3)

Configuration and management of Event Logs for the purpose of Incident, Accident, Safeguarding, Behaviour, Therapy Notes etc

Assessments (5)

Initial, Baseline and Review assessments

Care (2)

Care/Support Plans, auditing and Residence options

Virus Tracking (1)

Record and report on virus testing

ILR (1)

Using the ILR Manager to export your ILR file

Security (3)

Configuration and management of Users and their Permissions

Portals (2)

In these articles you can learn more about how to configure and use the Learner and Parent portals