Adding Work Experience for a Learner

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You can create Work Experience records in Databridge, including ILR related data. Adding and editing the Work Experience records are done via the Learner record.


First locate the relevant Learner via Learners -> Find Learner in the left hand navigation menu. Open their record and via the View menu at the top, find and click on Work Experience.

The list of any existing Work Experience records for that Learner is displayed by default. When you are on this screen you can change the Learner you are looking at via the dropdown menu on the left hand side.

Adding Work Experience

To being adding a Work Placement record, click the blue +Add Placement button.  This will display a modal where you can add the following fields:


The relevant Employer/Company for the Work Experience. See the article before this one on how to add these.

Start Date

The date the work experience will start.

Planned EndThe date the work experience is planned to end
End DateThe date the work experience ended.
Comment TypeThe options for this can be changed in Standard Values to assign a type to the comments.

Free type text field to enter any comments required.

ModeIndicate if Internal or External placement.
Distance Travelled

The total distance to travel to the Employer.

Transport ModeIndicate if travel was by Bus, Car or Train.
SupportedIndicate whether the placement was supported.
ILR Placement HoursThe total number of hours for the placement. The ILR only requires a total but you can add individual dates and hours as shown in a section below.
Minutes SpentThe total minutes spent at the placement to give a more accurate total time.
SOC CodeThe Standard Occupational Classification that may apply.

When you have entered the relevant details, click the Save button at the bottom of the modal.

Work Related Learning records store individual date, type, comments and hours against a Work Experience record. This lets you record details of individual days for the placement.

Locate the applicable Work Experience record in the list and click on the pencil icon to bring up the details. Click on the Work Related Learning tab to see the list of these records. 

To add a record, click on the Add Entry button, which you can do multiple times to add to the list. Change the Date, Category, Details and Hours accordingly, then ensure to click the Save Changes button when finished.

A report under Learners -> Reports is available to give you a listing of these records across multiple Learners.

Adding Events to Work Experience

If you are not using the Event Log for recording Work Experience related events, you can record some simple Event details on the Work Experience record itself.

Locate the applicable Work Experience record in the list and click on the pencil icon to bring up the details. Click on the Events tab to see the list of these records.

To add an Event, click the Add Event button, to bring up a modal for entering the details. Here you can enter the following details:

TypeThe type of Event e.g. Observation, Review etc. These options can be configured in Standard Values.
Date DueIf applicable the date due for the Event, particularly if you are adding the Event as a future visit or requirement.
DetailsFree text box to enter all details in regards to the Event.
NotesFree text box to add any required additional notes.
DocumentsArea to attach any documents required to the Event. For example a handwritten form.

If you are looking to upload evidence to the Event in regards to learning. We recommend this is done either against an appropriate live Target OR in the Learners Incidental Learning screen.  This will ensure it becomes part of the Evidence prints and timelines.

Viewing Work Experience Contacts

Work Experience contacts can be viewed for a Learner via their Learner Record under the Contacts tab. They are also available to view from the Work Experience page, where the contact for a specific Work Placement will be listed. To view a contact to a Work Placement entry, click on the notepad icon for a Placement. Then click on the Contacts tab. Any General Address Contacts that have been set on a Learner's record as Work Placement Contacts for the corresponding address will automatically appear here.

Recording the Gatsby Benchmark

If you use the Gatsby benchmark to record Career provision in education, there is a tab on the Work Experience page where you can record benchmarks for a Learner. 

Once on the Gatsby tab, each stage of the Gatsby Benchmark will appear on screen. Clicking on the label for a stage will expand it to reveal any entries recorded against that stage underneath, split into two sections: Commentary and Related Targets. The Commentary section will show any comments made against the selected benchmark stage as well as the date it was entered, with a trash can icon next to each comment to delete it.

In the Related Targets area, any of the Learner's targets that have been linked to a specific Gatsby Benchmark will appear here, displaying the target, the current score of the target (if applicable), the target due date, and the date the target was achieved (if applicable). There is also an eye icon that when clicked will open a window displaying all evidence recorded against this target.

To add a Gatsby Benchmark against a target you'll need to access the details page of the target in question and edit the field 'Gatsby Benchmark'.

To add a new Benchmark entry, click on the blue '+ Add Comments' button that appears at the top of the Gatsby tab. This will open a window where you can then select the benchmark level and append any comments to it.

Sessions Tab

Any sessions that a Learner has taken part in where the Subject has been configured as a Work Experience Subject (to learn more about this you can read the short article on Subject Configuration here) will be listed here. 

The list will display the following information regarding Work Experience Sessions:

DateDisplays the date and time for each session
Attendance StatusDisplays the Learner's Attendance Status for each session
Mins. PossibleDisplays the total number of Minutes in each Session
Mins. ActualDisplays the actual number of minutes the Learner was present
CommentDisplays any Learner Comments that the Learner has uploaded via the Learner Portal

Reporting on Work Experience

There a numerous reports related to Work Experience available to you, including a Careers/Employability Dashboard. To access the Careers/Employability Dashboard, go to Reporting > Reports Menu > Work Experience Area > Careers/Employability Dashboard

The dashboard gives you various charts, each of which can be printed by clicking on the icon.

In the top right corner there are filter options to change what information appears on the dashboard

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