Event Log Security

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As well as the general access permissions given in the Security area of Databridge, you can make further security changes to individual Event Log categories. There are two levels of security you can apply to Event Logs, read/write access to Categories and view access to particular sections of Event Log categories.

Event Log Category Security 

The individual security screen for categories is located at Security -> Event Log Security on the left hand navigation menu. You will be presented with a list of all categories setup in Standard Values. 

To view/change settings for any Category, click the edit/pencil icon alongside it. The right hand side of the screen will display any security groups used to limit this category. 

By default, no security groups will be listed. This means the category is currently unrestricted and anyone has access to this Category based on the general permissions for the Event Log

Click Add Security Group to add groups that are required to have access to the selected category. For example, if the category was 'Safeguarding', you may add a security group called Safeguarding and allow them read/write access meaning anyone not in this group cannot access Events for this category. To adjust the settings of any listed group, click the pencil icon. The list of settings you can adjust are as follows:

Allow to View

Allow members of this group to view this category of event

Allow to Edit

Allow members of this group to edit this category of event

Allow to Add

Allow members of this group to add this category of event

Allow to Delete

Allow members of this group to delete this category of event

Allow to View Own

Allow members of this group to view their own created event logs for this category

Allow to Edit OwnAllow members of this group to edit their own created event logs for this category

Tick one or more of the options as required and click Save

You can also set two further options in the Category list itself using the following tick boxes: 

Anyone Add – This allows anyone to add, despite the restrictions set to add an Event for this category. If we used Safeguarding as a category, we may tick this to allow people to add Events even if they cannot see them afterwards.

Shareable – This allows anyone with access to the Event, to share it with people who don't. The Staff member who you share the Event Log with will not get a notification, but they will get read access to that Event Log and see it in the Find Event list.

Event Log category Section Security

You can control access to specified sections of event log categories. For example, you may want a group of users to be able to see an event but not sensitive data sections within that event, such as an Office Use only or Confidential section.


To change this, you need to access the Category setup via Event Log -> Category Setup

From the Select Category dropdown choose the category and click View Settings

Within each section you will see the buttons for adding fields, removing the section etc, click the Security button to configure access to the section. 

By default you will notice the Secure Section? tick box is set to false. If you tick this, the section will now be limited to groups you set. 

Click Add Group and choose a Site and Group from the dropdowns. Click Add

When you are satisfied with your choices, click Update to save the changes to the security for the category section.

Anything set here does not override the permissions for the category itself. For example if you add a group here that is not set in the category security area, they will not suddenly have access to the Events for this category.

However, those that do have access to Events for this category will only see this section now if they are also in a group set here.

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