Event Log Category Setup

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In order to use the Event Log, you need to enter Categories. As well as simply adding the Category to Databridge, you can also setup further custom Sections/Fields and settings for each one.

Adding Categories 

To start adding categories, navigate to Administration -> Standard Values -> Learner Values -> Event Log Categories. Click the Add Value button. Simply enter the value for the Category e.g. Accident, Incident, Safeguarding, Therapy Notes etc then press Save. This category is now immediately available for someone to record against in the Event Log.

We recommend checking how to edit Security for a Category so you can ensure data protection

You can add as many or as little fields as necessary for each section. To edit fields, use the tool icon next to the label. Make sure you click Save Changes after making any changes to Sections/Fields.

Section Options

The options for sections provide the following functions:

Add FieldAdds a new field to this section
Move Up & Move Down

Moves this section up/down respectively

VisibilityAllows a section to be hidden/visible, based on either a checkbox, dropdown or multi-select dropdown field in the form
SecurityAllows restriction of this section to selected security groups
Reorder FieldsLets you reorder the fields in this section
Copy SectionCopies this section and adds it below
Delete SelectionDeletes the whole section

Field Options

In Field Options, when adding or editing a field you can configure the following options:

Field Type

Used to select what type of field this will be. This includes:

Checkbox - Single tickbox

Text - Single line textbox

Multiline Text - Multiple lines textbox

Dropdown - Configurable dropdown

Dropdown (multi-select) - The same as the Dropdown but allows for more than one item to be selected

Date - Date selector

Time - Time selector

Data Dropdown - Dropdown that lists according to data in Databridge e.g. Students, Staff, Locations, Subjects etc. Also includes medication

Label - Direct text, useful for instructions instead of a field

Yes/No - Simple radio yes/no option

Target - Creates a button for selecting Targets for the Learner

Image - Upload an image to display on the form, useful for charts/guidance staff may need for visual reference


Select the width of the page the field displays in.

Options include: Full, Half, Quarter and Third

Show TextboxShows a text box based on criteria set in the ‘Based On’ option
Based On

Custom criteria for ‘Show Textbox’. For example, if the field type is checkbox, typing 'True' in here will show a textbox when the checkbox is ticked. If the field type is Dropdown, typing 'Other' will show a textbox if an option with that label was selected

RequiredDetermines whether this field must be completed to save the event
Bold?Makes the field label bold
Show in Notifications?When ticked this field will be shown in the Event notifications sent out

Lets you set a custom bookmark on this field for use in templates. Can also be done from bookmarks manager. See the Event Reporting Templates guide for more info

Tooltip TextAdds a custom tip that displays when you hover your cursor over the field label

File Options

File options are found at the top left of the category setup screen. This contains the following options:

Preview (Save First!)

Allows you to preview the category to see how this would look in real time

Reorder Sections

Allows you to reorder sections conveniently

Change Defaults

Additional options to determine individual settings for this category. See the Category Default Settings for more information

Select Global Values

Used to add global sections to your category from those in Event Log -> Global Setup. A global section/field is one that can span multiple categories

Select Group Requires

This is used to define a group of fields where at least one of them must be selected/entered. For example if you have a list of checkboxes and at least one must be entered, you configure this here

Select Status Restrictions

This area is used to define a list of Statuses that will not be shown for this category in the Status dropdown

Export Template

Exports this category as a template for import on another Category or to share with another provider

Import Template

Allows you to import a category template

Clear Template
This will remove all sections and fields

Category Default Settings 

These options control the information/options that will appear when adding an event for this category. Some may show an additional section. This can be found/changed by going to File -> Change Defaults whilst editing a Category Setup. 

Select Fields to Show

Show Body Map

Allows the ability to add Body Maps to the form using an interactive male/female body map. Can be used to display injury location or hold positions

Show Details Box

Determines if the details box is displayed

Show Student

Determines if the Student dropdown is displayed

Show Staff

Determines if the Staff dropdown is displayed

Show Location

Determines if the Location dropdown is displayed

Show External

Determines if the option to select if this was externally reported and add extra information is displayed

Show Others

Allows the ability to add Other Learners involved to the event. Used to create multiple Events whilst linking them together for reporting purposes

Show Documents

Allows the ability to add/upload documents to the event

Show Medication (From Student Record)

Pull through medication details from the Student record

Show Duration

Determines if the Duration field is displayed

Show Commentary

Allows the ability to add Chronological Commentary to the Event after an event has been saved

Show Actions for Events

Allows the ability to add/set Actions for Staff/Groups related to the Event

Show Sent to Area

Determines if the ‘Send Message to’ area is available. Recommended to be switched off for confidential categories such as Safeguarding

Show Debrief

Adds option to select a debrief level

Show Amount

Determines whether the Amount field is displayed. Generally used for weight, height and fluid recording

Show Status

Determines if the Status field is displayed. You can amend the options for Status in Standard Values

Show Medication (From Student record)
Determines if the Learner's medication is shown for this Event Log category
Show PrintDetermines if the Print option is displayed in the File Menu when viewing an Event

Select Field Options

Details Prompt

Will prompt user for details to be entered if they have not

Location prompt

Will prompt user for location to be selected if it has not

Duration Prompt

Will prompt user for duration to be entered if it has not

Amount PromptWill prompt user for amount to be entered if it has not

Default Input Options

Details Default Text

Lets you enter what the default text will be in the Details box

Amount to Update

Lets you select what amount will be updated when an amount is entered e.g. if select Weight, it will also update the Weight value on the Learner record. This is so you can have Categories such as Weight Recording, have individual Events but also update the individual Learner record each time

Default Event Status

Lets you select a status the event will default to on this category

Externally ReportedLets you enter what the default text will be in the Externally Reported box

Additional Category Option

Allow Auto-Save

When enabled, adding an event with this category will create temporary auto-saves at certain intervals. This is useful for large forms where the Staff may need to walk away and finish the Event later.

If unfinished, they will be deleted after 48 hours

Requires Sign Off

Anyone with the Event Log – Sign Off permission can sign off event logs. When an event log is signed off, it cannot be edited again

Automatically Notify Event Creator of Changes

Will notify the original creator of the Event if changes are made to it

Details Tagline/InstructionWhat is written in this field can be used to explain what to use the details text box for. The text will appear under the details box
Work Experience RelatedWhen ticked, any time the chosen event category is recorded for a learner, an entry will be made on the Event Log Tab of their Work Experience 

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