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Before adding events, please ensure you have set up any necessary categories in Category Setup and have secured them accordingly using the Event Log Security.

Adding an Event 

To start adding an event, navigate to Event Log -> Add Event in the Modules menu on the left hand side of Databridge. 

First, you want to go through the Main Details area and select/input the relevant information for the event you're adding. 

Some fields mentioned below may be hidden/unavailable based on the Category Setup Defaults options.

 Select the category you're adding an event for, then choose the learner and/or staff member involved, the location and any other fields where necessary. The date and time the event took place is the current date/time by default, ensure to change this if different. 

Once the basic main details has been entered, you can then enter the information for your event in the sections listed. These sections are entirely custom and will depend on what was set up in Category Setup

When you've entered all required information, you just need to press Save Changes in the top right to complete the event. 

Completed events can be viewed from the Find Event list, and will be recorded against the student/staff of whom was involved as well. Please refer to the Find Event article for more information. If you do not have permission to view Events for that category after submission it will not display. 

If more than one Learner is involved in an Event, ensure to use the Others Involved option (found towards the bottom of the main details box) rather than entering each one individually. You can choose if you want to create an event for each individual and NOT have them linked as a single event. When you update an existing event which has others involved, you will be asked if you want to update all other events linked.

Additional Information 

To the right of the Main Details, you will find the Send Message To area, this allows you to select which staff members will receive an email notification when the event is saved. 

If Show Actions for Events is enabled, the Actions section will show below Main Details. With this you can set criteria for staff members to complete for the event. 

If Allow Auto Save is enabled, you will notice a Finish Later option next to Save Changes. This option allows you to temporarily save your progress on the event to finish later. You must come back to the temporarily saved event within 48 hours or it will be automatically removed. 

If Requires Sign off is enabled, the event will be editable until it's signed off. Only users with the Event Log - Sign Off Events permission are able to sign off events.

Dashboard Widgets 

Listed below are some event log widgets you might find useful. These can be added to your dashboard.

Event Log - Add Event
This widget Allows you to select a category and add an event
Event Log - Events requiring Sign Off

This widget lists any Events that have not yet been signed off. Events will only be listed here if the Sign off option is ticked on the relevant Event Log Category

Event Log - My Outstanding Event Actions

This widget lists any Event Log Actions set for yourself which have not yet been completed

Event Log - Outstanding Event Actions Set

This widget lists any Event Log Actions you have set for other users which have not yet been completed

Event Log - Pinned Events
This widget lists any Event Logs you have pinned for easy access. You can pin an Event by accessing it and using the Set Pin option under the File Menu

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