Configuring The Student Daily Tab

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This article will discuss configuring daily records in the student daily tab. The daily tab provides details for the days the student is expected to be present. 

You will need to be able to access the student record and will also require the permission Student - Daily Tab

Fields Options

Once in the daily tab, you shall see some initial fields. 

Days Absence to ReportHere you can set the number of consecutive days the student can be absent for until it's displayed on the main dashboard Day Attendance - Absence to Report widget
Last Absence ReportedYou can enter a date here so the Day Attendance - Absence to Report widget only takes into account absences past this date
Holiday SetThis field allows you to set a holiday set for the student. Holiday sets are configured in Standard Values
Contract HoursYou can enter a number of hours here which is then used in the Attendance Analysis Report to calculate the percentage of their taught hours against the contract hours


Add Daily Record

To create a new daily record click on the Add Daily Attendance button, a panel should appear at the bottom where you can complete the following details. 

Effective DateThis is the date the daily record is to be effective from
AM and PMTick these options on the corresponding days the student is expected to be present
AM and PM TransportUsing the drop down you can select the AM or PM transport contact details. To setup the transport contact details please refer to the following article Configuration > Standard Values > General Addresses
ResidentialYou can tick this option if the student is residential for the day
SiteSelect the site the student is expected to be attended
HoursEnter the hours the student is expected to be present for


You can set multiple daily records to account for the student being expecting in for different days through the year. For example, set the effective date for Autumn term and then set the appropriate details for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Then, create a new daily attendance with the effective date set for Spring term and the appropriate details for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All the daily records will be taken into when reporting on attendance.

Editing a Daily Record

To edit a daily record, go the table in the daily tab and click on the edit button for the daily record you want to edit based on the effective date. The panel will appear below with the values populated for the daily record that you selected. After making any changes click on the save button to confirm them. To delete the selected daily record you can use the Remove button.

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