Recording and Reporting Day Attendance

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This article will explain how to record day attendance. Before reading this article you must ensure that the initial setup is complete and that students have daily records set. Please refer to the Configuring The Student Daily Tab and Day Attendance Initial Setup articles.

Recording Day Attendance


To start recording Day Attendance navigate to Timetabling > Day Attendance

On the left of the Day Attendance page you will find all of your Filters. Using these will allow for you to narrow down the list of Students on screen. 

If the student is not showing when they should be, then check their daily tab to ensure their daily record(s) are configured properly.

Common issues to check are if the effective date, the correct days and site(s) are selected.

When you have generated the list of Students you wish to mark attendance for, you will find these fields by their names.

AMThis will show any statuses configured for Day Attendance and AM
PMThis will show any statuses configured for Day Attendance and PM
PresentThis is a non editable checkbox which shows as ticked if the status is configured as present
NotesThis field allows you to enter notes for AM or PM statuses
This field will show the start and end time of all sessions for the day
Lunch **
Choose if the Student is having lunch or not

After selecting the required statuses for each student, confirm the changes by clicking on the Save Changes button.

 Any changes made by the user will then display in a final confirmation window before clicking on the final Confirm Save button.

** The Lunch column is hidden by default, and can be enabled in the Settings option under the File menu. The options in the dropdown are configured in Standard Values under the Learner Values panel.

After making a change to an existing attendance status set, an entry in the Attendance Tracking screen will be made automatically in order to update the reason why this was changed, and you will be prompted to include a note alongside the . This is following new DfE guidance to ensure any attendance mark changes are recorded.

Any time that an attendance tracking record is created, a comment icon will appear next to the notes section for that learner on the Day Attendance screen.


File Menu

At the top of the page you will find a File option. Selecting this will open a dropdown. 

You can use the Record attendance between dates option bulk set attendance between two dates for a student. 

This option could be useful when setting the same status for a large number of students between some dates and not just the date displayed.

This option allows you to configure the day attendance for additional features:

Overnight mode - This option will show the overnight status and notes.

Set all unset valuesThis option allows you to bulk set all statuses and or notes which are not set for the students in the main panel. A confirmation panel will show what has been marked to update before proceeding
Record attendance between datesThis option allows you to bulk set all statuses and or notes within a date range for the student(s) selected
Audit LogThis option allows you view audit log information from the last 30 days
Choose student(s)This option allows you to filter for specific students in the main panel
Add RewardThis option brings up a window where you can then add rewards to a Learner, as configured in Standard Values. Any entries made here will appear on the Learner Rewards page

Reports Menu

After recording the day attendances, you will be able to report on the data. Please see the table below for details on each report.

Before running the reports please ensure you have saved any changes made to the day attendance

Print AttendanceThis report will print out the current attendance on display in PDF format
Print Register
This report will print out attendances for the date range selected in PDF format.

Print - Will include all information on the same page

Print Daily - Will include each date on a new page
Summary Attendance Report
This report will provide a day attendance summary for the the students selected in PDF or Excel formats.

You can select the date range and holiday set for the report.

The summary will include totals and percentages for attendances Not Set, Not Present and Present.
Summary Attendance Report Student List
This report will be in a Word format and provide a list of detailed summary attendance by student. You can select students and date range.

It will include attendances details for the total present, authorised and unauthorised absent, possible attendance and percentage rates.
Summary Attendance Report (Students with Social Worker)This report will be in PDF format and provide the same information as above but, will only include students which has a social worker set
Print Daily Attendance ReportThis report will provide the day attendance AM and PM statuses and notes for the students on display for the date selected in PDF format
Print Missing Attendance
This report will display any missing attendance for the students on display using the date range and holiday set filtered by tutors in PDF format.

There are 3 options you can tick:
Show None Outstanding - The report will not include dates which are not missing attendances.
Show By Building - This will display the missing attendances by building instead of tutors.
Include Weekend - This will include attendances on weekends
Print Attendance By Date
This report will print out a date range of set attendances in date order. It won't include any attendances which are not set.

This report is also available in PDF and Export formats
Print Absence Attendance By DateThis report will print out any students which have an non present attendance status by date in PDF format
Print Detailed Attendance By Student
This report will provide detailed attendances per student. You will be able to select date ranges, holiday set and students.

The report will the show attendances by student for each day in a week by week format. It will also provide absent attendances and attendance totals in a table and pie chart.

The option for Include Historical will add historical attendances in a grey background.

This report is available in Word, PDF and Excel formats
Print Summary Attendance By Student
This report will print out a monthly summary attendance by student in PDF format.

The report will include authorised absence, late, not present, present and overall percentage
Export Attendance Analysis
This report will provide an attendance analysis by student in Excel format.

The report will include totals for the attended and possible attendances. It will also provide  an analysis on the student daily hours calculated from the day hours set in the daily record and contract hours field set in the daily tab

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