Learners Check In/Out Screen

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The Check In/Out screen is used to track if Learners are present at your organisation or not in a more detailed manner than the Day Attendance Register. Any changes made here will directly affect the Day and/or Session Attendance of the Learner.

To access the Check In/Out screen, click on Learners in the module list on the left, and from the drop-down select Check In/Out

On the left will appear a list of Learners relevant to the filters found just above the list. Any Learners that have been checked out will display the date and time that they were last checked out. You can also use the icon to view a Learner's check in/out history log over the last 30 days. 

On the right will appear a list of all Learners that have been checked in, displaying the date and time they were checked in, what their Learner/Staff ratio is, and the Staff assigned to them at check in. 

Checking a Learner In

To check a Learner in, simply find the Learner in the list on the left, and click on the right-facing arrow icon. 

This will open a window where you can then set the date and time of the Learner's check-in using the date selector and time fields respectively. 

There is also a field labelled "Set Unset Attendance". Clicking on this will give you four options:

  • No - Don't set either Day or Session Attendance for this Learner at check-in
  • Day Attendance - Only set the unset values for Day Attendance (excluding Session Attendance)
  • Session Attendance - Only set the unset values for Session Attendance (excluding Day Attendance)
  • Both - Set the unset values for both Session and Day Attendance

Once you have specified which type of Attendance to set at check-in, a new field will appear underneath which will give you a drop-down menu of the Attendance Statuses configured on your system. 

On the right side of this window is a drop-down menu displaying the Staff on your system. Select the relevant Staff member in the dropdown, and click on the Add Staff button to the right of this to then add them to the check-in. You can add multiple Staff to a Learner by repeating this process as many times as is necessary.

Once this is done, click the green Save button. The Learner will now appear in the Checked-In list on the right.

You can edit the Staff assigned to a checked-in Learner by clicking on the icon. This will open a window displaying all Staff currently assigned to the Learner underneath. Use the trashcan icon to remove a Staff member from a checked-in Learner. To add new Staff members to a checked-in Learner, use the drop-down menu and Add Staff button as explained previously. 

There is also the option to view all Check In/Out history for a Learner (over the last 30 days) by clicking on the 


Checking a Learner Out

To check a Learner out, simply find the relevant Learner from the list on the right, and click on the left facing arrow

This will open a window where you can then specify the date and time of check-out for the Learner. Click the green Save button to then check-out that Learner.

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