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Before reading through this article. Please ensure you have read the previous ones explaining what Targets are used for, and how to set them up via the cache.

To start adding Targets, you first need to navigate to the relevant Learners record. Once there, click on the Targets option on the right hand side.

Target screen layout and options

On the Targets screen, there are 3 main parts to focus on. These are:

  • Filter Options and Totals. There are toggle and dropdown options to change the view of the listed Targets. In particular you can choose to view by Goal or Curriculum Area instead of by the different Core/Subject types. At the very bottom, a totals panel is displayed to show a quick count of Targets and their states.
  • Targets. Split by panels, the list view of the Targets. This view will be broken down depending on the toggle options you select. Each Target can be clicked on to view its details and you can use the + button to see its Objectives.
  • Options. The dropdown menu at the top right that provides add and print options.

In order to start adding Targets, click on the Options menu and select Add 'Type you need' Target(s). If you are unsure which Type to select from, please read the below:

Otherwise known as a Personal Target, a Core Target is something the Learner is always working towards regardless of Sessions. For example Communication or Behaviour related Targets.

A Subject Target is something the Learner is only working towards in certain Session Subjects. For example Literacy or Numeracy related Targets.

The same as a Subject Target but locked down to certain permissions so Care teams can specify their own Targets without other Staff privy to these.
The same as a Subject Target but locked down to certain permissions so Therapy teams can specify their own Targets without other Staff privy to these.

If you cannot see any of the types above, this means you have not been granted access to those types of Targets.

After selecting add the current display will change to a panel displaying Targets to be entered. It will be empty by default because you haven't chosen anything to add as yet. To add a Target to the list, click the blue Add Target(s) button. A modal will appear that displays the Target Cache on the left hand side.

Break the Target Cache down until you find the relevant Skill displayed (i.e. the last option to display in the treeview). Click on this and if any Targets exist in the Cache against this Skill, they will display on the right hand side.

If any Targets were displayed, you can tick any you wish to add to the Learner or use the Select All button to tick them all. When happy with your selection, click the blue Use Selected button. 

If none are displayed OR you want to add an individual/personalised Target, click the Add Custom Target button.

The Target is then displayed on screen for you to enter/change its properties. If the Target you selected had any Objectives listed against it in the Cache, these too will be added to the screen.

The text/label of the Target. You can type directly into this field to change or personalise this.
Medium Term Goal
Select the relevant Medium Term Goal this Target applies to.

Baseline Score (Optional)

If using scoring, select the current score/level.

Predicted Score (Optional)

If using scoring, select the predicted score/level by the end of the Goal.
Activate Date

Enter the date the Target will start to be worked on. The Target will be displayed as 'Not yet started' until this date, and it will not be automatically included on any Sessions until after this date.

Due Date
Specify the end/due date for this Target to finish.

Adding Objectives

If you selected a Target from the Cache, chances are the relevant Objectives have already been added for you and you just need to amend their details. If not, you can click on the pencil icon to the right of the Target text/label and select Add Custom Objective.

This will popup with a modal for you to enter the following details:


I am able to

If ticked, when printing the ILP, Objectives will be pre-appended with a prefix of 'I am able to' or 'I will be able to' accordingly.
The text/label for the Objective.
No. of Achievements
The number of times you want the Learner to achieve this Objective before you are satisfied it is complete and can move onto the next Objective.
DO NOT auto achieve

By default a policy is enabled to auto achieve Objectives when the number of recorded achievements matches the specified no. of achieves. Ticking this means this individual Objective will not be automatically achieved.

Any relevant notes for the Objective.

By clicking close, you will see the Objective listed. You can change the text from the list, as well as change the no. of achievements or whether you want to include it.

Use the pencil icon to the right of the Objective to edit it with the properties above or if you want to remove it from you list of additions.

You can continue to add Targets/Objectives as required. When you are finished, click on the green Save Targets/Objectives button. This will add these Targets to this Learner and you will be returned back to the Targets list view.

If you selected Subject, Care or Therapy as a type, you will also be asked to specify which Subjects this Target should appear on. If you are unsure, you can edit this later.

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