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Under the Learner record you can view any Event Logs related to the learner. These events can be added under the Ev. Log/Patterns module, or can be added here under the Learner's Event Log tab.

Filtering the Events List

There are a number of filters you can apply to show relevant events and reduce the list to show the events you are interested in.

Show Events
Choose whether to show the event list Chronologically (by date order) or by Category
Show events of the category chosen from the dropdown
Show Between 
Show events between the two specified dates
Link Ref 
Show events that have the link reference specified

The events list contains outline information about the events shown. By ticking Show Details each event will also have an additional area showing the Details text of the event and the Link ID of any links the event belongs to.

Link icon
Indicates that this event is linked to at least one other event
The category of the event
Event Date 
The date of the event
Entered By 
The staff member who added the event
Details any documents attached to the event, if any

Click the notepad icon to view the event and allows the event to be edited if you wish, and have the necessary permissions. The arrow icon opens the event details in a new browser tab and the bin icon will delete the event.

Above the list are two buttons to generate a document of the events that you can print. The Print button will generate a .pdf format file of the event details, and the Print (Word) button will produce the file in a Word format.

Adding an Event

You can add a new event for the learner from this tab. You can also add a new event from the Ev. Log/Patterns module.

To add a new event click Add Event, this will produce a screen to add details about the event. Please follow the instructions in the Event Log section of this help centre for filling these in.

Linking Events

Two or more events can be linked together so that they can be associated with each other. For example you may have a record of an injury and a record of an activity carried out, both recorded against a learner, that need to be linked because the two events are related.

To do this click Link Events. This will show a list of current events for that learner based on the filters set. Add a suitable Link Reference to cover the link events and place a tick against the events that need to be linked. Click Link Selected when finished choosing. This will place a link icon next to events in the event lists that are linked together.

You can also link Events via the Ev.Log/Patterns -> Find Event screen whereby you can also link different Learner events.

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