Parent Portal - Is it effective ?

Posted over 1 year ago by Hamzha Hussain

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Hamzha Hussain


Does anyone use the parent portal that comes with Databridge ? Seems to be really useful but just falls short in certain areas (UI, lack of data etc). 

Anyone have any success with using it with parents ?

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Hamzha Hussain posted over 1 year ago

Here are just a few improvements:

  • The UI could do with some slight improving. Just made a bit more user friendly, eye appealing.
  • Dashboard has a lot of empty space. Possibility of adding in more data and charts (session attendance etc).
  • When hovering over the attendance chart, values changed into percentages.
  • Add filters based on time frames (week, month, year) for achievement/observations.

Anything to just improve the overall user experience for the parent/guardian. The more data we can present the better. Any quality of life updates to this would be greatly appreciated, would love to have our students parents. using them.

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