April Patch Notes 2024

Posted about 2 months ago by Richard Wood

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Version: - Deploying on Wednesday 1st May

New Additions

  • Added multiple new System policies;
    • Disable auto setting of weekends in a new Residential Students Day Attendance (Daily Tab).
      • When creating a new Student that is set as Residential, this policy will determine if Weekends are set by default or not in the Day Attendance (Daily Tab).
    • Remove default graph from Risk Assessments print out.
      • Allows the toggling of the 'default' graph printed out in Risk Assessments.
    • Disable Event Log default Achieve text when no Standard Value is Present.
      • With this Policy Enabled, no Text will show up in the Event Log Details box when trying to Achieve a Target.
    • Print Addresses for Learning Styles Report.
      • Added this option to hide Addresses on Learning Style Modal / Prints.  
    • Only list Staff set as Timetable Staff in Staff Dropdown.
      • With this enabled - Only Staff with the 'Timetable Staff' check set within the Staff Record will show up in the Timetable Staff Dropdown.
    • Show Gatsby Benchmark dropdown on target creation.
      • With this enabled - the Gatsby Benchmark dropdown will show up when creating a Target and will allow this to be set.

  • Added multiple new Browser policies;
    • Automatically open the Shortcuts menu upon login.
      • If this is enabled, when navigating back to the Dashboard / opening SPA the Shortcuts menu will automatically pop open. 
    • Disable Student photos in the Day Attendance register.
      • If this is enabled, Student Photos will not load or show up in the Day Attendance register. (This will improve performance).

  • Import student files – you can now import multiple student files into Databridge using Excel. This includes student information such as the student’s address, contacts, disabilities etc.

  • Risk Assessment read receipts – risk assessments now have read receipt functionality and audit reports, similar to that of Care Plans.

  • Risk Assessments for buildings and subjects – you can now create risk assessments for specific locations and activities, and attach these to buildings/subjects in standard values. These will then appear on Session plans, and also have read receipt functionality.

  • Added a confirmation box when copying a Permission Group (Security -> Permissions -> Select Permission group and using the 'Copy Group' function) as to whether they would like to copy the Event log securities for that group too. 

  • Added the Review Information to the header of the care plan.

  • In the event log when selecting a target, new guidance will appear clarifying what to do for recording evidence within this modal.

  • Added System Labels for the following, found in the Applications tab;
    • Student Documents.
    • Application Documents.

  • Added an 'Include Signed By (Student) toggle to Risk Assessment Print Detailed. This is defaulted to ON to maintain current functionality.

  • Added the Review Information to the header of a Risk Assessment.

  • Added 'Work Experience Button' to the blue navigation bar on the right of a Student Record.

  • Evidence Browser will now also use Session Subjects to find evidence.

  • Added the Expected End Date Column to both Student List of Qualifications (Excel and PDF).

  • Significantly increased the size of the Statement / Notes WYSIWYG box in Care Plan.

  • Added the Due Date field into the Review Meeting Actions box.

  • Added a new Block field for Staff Block -  'Staff FTE'.  

  • Added a new Block field for Student block -  "Internal - Student/Learner Academic Year".

  • Added any NC Year group changes to the audit log.

  • In the Admissions Register V2 report, Telephone Numbers for Parental Contacts will now also be included in the appropriate columns.

  • The Learning Styles tab in a Session will now no longer show up unless the user has 'Student - Learning Styles' permission.

  • In the FE Workforce Form, Annual Salary will by default be populated by the Main Job Title Salary that is set within a Staff Record, unless set otherwise within the FE Workforce Form.

  • Added auditing to Student Consents for adding, editing and deleting consents on the student record.

  • Added 'Delete Record' functionality into the Student Course Management Screen.

  • New Custom date range filter added to Governance builder Report.

  • Added review dates to Staff Policies. 

  • Event reporting using field data sources will now display the DataSource name instead of the IDs.

  •  Functional adjustments have been made to the Module manager, This area will now mirror the Navigation menu on the left. 
    • All areas will be included in Module Manager and will be in the same order as the main menu.   

  • Added 2 new fields to the Student Record; 
    • Blood Glucose Level Time.
    • Blood Glucose Level Comment. 


  • Changed how Report Titles are generated in case of future issues occurring with the current naming convention.

  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the Governance Report to display potentially inaccurate data.

  • Removed Default text 'Baseline' from showing in the Baseline Manager Comment box.

  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing an error to occur when submitting Holiday requests.

  • Due to Googles deprecation of the QR code 2FA API, a change has been made to ensure QR codes previously and newly generated can still be viewed and sent in and from Databridge.

  • Added 'Student' system label to Risk Assessment printouts where they were missing.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Gatsby Benchmark value not to save when the target being adjusted was a Subject Target.

  • Improved page placement for 'Add Entry Button' and 'Show Archived' toggle. Buttons will remain constant and inline no matter screen size.

  • Event Log Reporting by Field. Title now shows Field Name instead of ID.

  • All reports that are created and sent to the Task Manager will now have a unique filename appended to them (Date/Time). This will mitigate issue with files being replaced, and task alerts being cleared.

  • Screen Audit is not appearing in the Administration navigation menu with the correct access permission.
    • This will now appear in the Administration Module with either Admin - Security or Staff - View Logins, as this screen allows access from either permission.

  • 'Work Placements within Date Range' Excel Report now formats Date data as DateTime.

  • 'Right to work Nationality' field will now save correctly.

  • Print Evidence with Date range will now filter Incidental Learning correctly using the date range provided.  

  • Rota Widget and Rota Manager are now synced and will show accurately between each other.  

  • Fix an issue causing the Immersive Reader to error and cease operating.

  • Fixed an issue where adding a session via the Session Allocator, could encounter an error when checking clashes.

  • Fixed an issue where the Completion Status and Outcome for Student Qualifications with an Achieved Status ID of 0 could be incorrectly updated when adding a new Qualification Status in Standard Values. 

  • Fixed issue where rota shift patterns were being removed from the rota when using check/uncheck function.  

  • Fixed an issue where holidays were not appearing correctly on the Rota dashboard widget. 

  • Fixed an issue with Student List of Qualifications Report - both Excel and PDF were incorrectly listing values in the wrong columns.

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