February Patch Notes 2024

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Version: - Deploying on Tuesday 5th March

New Additions

  • Added Audit logging for 'Nationality 2' field on the student record. 

  • Added a 'Show Archived?' option to Staff Record -> Training.
    • Can now view archived Training/Qualifications via staff record.

  • Added in a 'Last Month' date range to Attendance Percentages (Day Att.) dashboard widget.

  • Added new filters to both Day and Session Attendance Dashboards. 

                       - SAYG (School Academic Year Group)

                          SAYG is calculated based on the students Date of Birth. 

                       - CAYG (College Academic Year Group) 

                          CAYG is calculated based on the students site start date, or the date set in the Calculate Year Group From field (Internal Tab > Dates section > 'X Year' button).

  • Added EAL (English as Additional Language) field into the Student Record - Personal tab.
    • Also added as a field in the Bulk Student Edit Function.
    • Also added as a filter on the Day Attendance Dashboard.


  • Fixed a formatting issue preventing certain dates from being saved on Staff consents.  

  • Students -> Reports -> List of Consents will now match the student record Print Consents report. The 'Denied?' column has been updated to 'Consent' with values of Granted or Denied, in line with the Consents tab and Print Consents report. 
    • Staff -> Reports -> List of Consents report has also been updated the same way for clarity and consistency. 

  • Event log visibility will now load the correct data on the pop-up for setting of visibility conditions.

  • Fixed an issue causing the "You do not own this dataset and cannot save over it" error when trying to save a dataset in Event Log -> Reporting.

  • Fixed an issue preventing certain file types from being deleted from the Care Plan statements related files tab. 
    • Advanced error handling has been added to the background of this section.

  • Changed wording of certain settings to more accurately reflect the functionality. 
    • View Student Option - "Direct to Student (new Window)" Changed to "Direct to Student (New Tab).
    • View Staff Option - "Direct to Staff (new Window)" Changed to "Direct to Staff (New Tab).

  • Fixed an issue causing the duplication of audit/status history data when saving site info, then saving student record. 
    • This is a fix going forward and will not fix duplicates that already exist.

  • Fix for Student Status History report. This now matches the Status History on the student record.

  • Fixed an issue where a user message wasn't being displayed if no targets were available, or selected when attempting to add targets to a baseline template. 

  • A pop-up message was appearing too many times when changing Day Attendance statuses which would cause the screen to go entirely black.
    • Message will now only appear once for AM and once for PM for the selected date where necessary.  

  • Fix to ensure dropdown field values load correctly when loading student records. This will prevent rare cases where student dropdown fields could be reset to the default value.

  • Student Funding Screen now displays decimal points as expected.

  • Holiday Entitlement will now display the correct number of days taken. The data added was correct but was being shown incorrectly.

  • Altered wording on the Holiday Entitlement screen to reflect the next year as the starting year.

  • Altered the ESR Popup text to help further discern the relevant requirements in the pop up.

  • In Evidencing, Exporting Evidence (Excel) will now display who it has been uploaded by and the file size.
    •  Fixed an issue where a blank column would be displayed for videos, the File path will now be shown instead.

  • Student record Attendance (Day) can now be viewed with only the 'Student - Day Attendance Read Only' permission.  

  • Fixed an issue causing Session / Day Attendance dashboards to sometimes not filter by status.

  • When creating an event log and using the Send to recipients functions, on creation it will now display who a message has been sent to.

  • Fixed an issue where the student site record Status History was sometimes showing 2 changes per status change. 

  • Fixed issue where every student site record edit was incorrectly marked as a status change, even when no status change was made.

  • Fixed other fields incorrectly being marked as changed on edit when they were not.

  • Fixed how Decimal points were being displayed on Staff Paygrade and Spine points.

  • Print All Rotas (Excel) will now only print the Live Rotas when Master Rotas are hidden. Will print both Live and Master Rotas together when Master Rotas are shown.  

  • Student and Staff areas now use the system label for 'Departments' consistently.

  • The missing Attendance report now shows the correct students and data when using a date range with a holiday set inside.

  • When adding an objective observation for a target the Date field when setting the observation will now be applied to the observation. 
    • Clicking on view Evidence will now show observations with the correct date. 

  • Fixed an issue causing the Parent Portal Attendance Dashboard to show incorrect values.

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