December Developments 2023

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Here are the most recent developments made to Databridge, released 08/12/23

Goals and Targets

  • When running the End of Term Report on a learner record, you can now include any targets and objectives that were achieved within the date range specified

  • A Print option is now available for objective observations when viewing evidence from the evidence timeline

  • New report available in Learner > Reports > Learner Targets, Objective and Goals Reports section > Last Objective Achievement/Observation.
    This report uses the filters on the Reports screen and will print off the most recent objective achievement/observation for all relevant learners within your specified date range, including the date, tutor, evidence type, and date of entry

Event Logs

  • Visibility setup when in event log category setup is now available with dropdown options – you can now set a section on an event log to only appear if a dropdown (this includes multi-select and single select dropdowns) from a previous section has a specific option selected.

  • Learner Consents that are found in Standard Values are now available as a Data Dropdown option when setting a field type on an Event Log

Work Experience

  • On the Careers / Employability Dashboard, the ‘Data based on’ table has an additional column displaying the sub-category (WEX Area) of the Work Experience placement (if one has been applied)

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