October Developments 2023

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Here are the most recent developments made to Databridge, released 07/11/23.

Event Logs

  • When creating an Event Log Text Report, the Duration field in the Main Details box now exports to excel as a number rather than text

  • Event Actions now include the name of the learner concerned in the email notification

Learner Records

  • Funding – You can now bulk upload funding entries using the ‘Select All’ option when creating a new funding entry

  • The Local Education Authority field found on the External tab now automatically populates the ‘Local Authority’ field on the Funding screen

  • All fields on the ‘Contributions’ tab of the Funding screen are now available in Block Reporting, under the ‘Learner Funding’ Block

  • New read-only flag on the Main Details tab of a learner’s Funding Entry, displaying if the learner is Residential/Day


  • New fields added to the Personnel tab for a staff record – ‘Probation Extended Until’ and ‘Probation Passed’ – both available in Block Reporting, under the Staff block

New Assistive Technology Feature

New to Databridge – we have worked closely alongside NATSPEC in designing a new area on Databridge where you can store your learner’s Assistive Technology needs against their record. This includes any instructions on how the learner operates their AT devices, including the ability to do so via picture and video.

Upload the different Assistive Technologies needed into Standard Values, and then assign them to learner records. When viewing a session plan for a learner with AT, these will then appear as a popup for the staff member to use for reference.

We have collected invaluable feedback for this new feature at the NATSPEC TechAbility conference and are looking at ways to expand this area – please use our ticketing system to let us know of any feedback you might have

You can access the written guide on how to use the new Assistive Technology area here - Assistive Technology

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