New Feature - Template Block Reporting

Posted 8 months ago by Duncan Harbour

Duncan Harbour Admin

New to Databridge - combining the freedom of Event Log and Care Plan template printouts with the customisation of Block reporting to bring you our new Template Block Reporting feature. 


You can now create bookmarks from different fields on a learner or staff record and have them appear on a printout in a format of your own design, giving you greater autonomy when it comes to creating custom reports on Databridge.


You'll be able to more easily create One Page Profiles for your learners that are specific to your organisation's needs; medication profiles, custom-built handover documents that contain all of the necessary information a new member of staff might need - these are just a few examples of how Template Block Reporting can be applied, and as Block Reporting continues to grow in functionality, as does your ability to create bespoke reports tailored to your needs.

To learn more about Template Block Reporting, follow this link to our article: Template Block Reporting

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