June Developments 2023

Posted 11 months ago by Harrigan Phillips

Harrigan Phillips Admin

Here are the most recent developments made to Databridge, to be released 03/07/23

Parent Portal

  • New filter options when viewing the Staff Messenger screen, allowing you to filter by messages sent to learners, and messages sent to parents.

  • New date range options when viewing the Staff Messenger screen (not applicable when the 'Show All' filter is applied on the Staff Messenger screen).

  • You can now delete attachments for a post whilst retaining it's text.

  • Parents will only be notified of a message sent to the Learner Portal if the 'Show for Parent(s)' option is selected.

  • Parents can now change their password from the Parent Portal login screen

Learner Portal

  • You can now change the X and Y axis of the learner timetable in the Learner portal. To do this, go to Administration > Standard Values > Site Settings > tick the 'Show timetable across' checkbox (this will also apply to the staff portal on Databridge).

Learner Info Sheet 

  • When printing Emergency Contacts, Next of Kin, Advocates and contacts marked as Parental Responsibility using the Learner Info Sheet, these will appear on the printout for each contact with the relevant tag.

Learning Styles

  • The print format for the Learning Styles has been changed for the ILP printout options - Learning Styles will now appear in the same format as seen on the Learning Styles screen for a learner record.

Custom Tab

  • A third Custom tab has been made available for learner records. You can edit the fields for this in Administration > Standard Values > Learner Values > Custom Fields > 'Custom 3'.


  • When uploading a document for a learner consent entry, a File icon will appear for the entry. Clicking on the entry allows you to view, download, or delete the document attached.


  • You can now prepopulate the Provider Specified Delivery Monitoring Learning Aim fields 1 to 4 on the ILR. To do this, go to Administration > Standard Values > Learner Values >Qualifications > select a qualification > go to the 'Custom' tab. There are 4 fields labelled 1 to 4, and any information added to these fields for the chosen Qualification will automatically populate the relevant column on the ILR.


  • Two new reports created that allow you to print off the Lunch column found on the Day Attendance screen. The 'Basic' report shows you a total for each learner based on the custom date range you have selected. The 'Detailed' lunch report allows you to set a custom date range and select individual learners; this report will show you the date, attendance status and attendance notes for the learner as well as the value recorded in the Lunch column.


  • 'Select All' option added when creating a new Funding Entry.

  • When creating a new Funding entry, if the Local Education Authority field on the External tab of a learner record is populated, this will automatically pull through to the new Funding entry.

  • A new field has been added to the Main Details tab of a Funding entry that specifies if a learner is a Residential or Day Student as specified on the Personal tab of the learner record.

Risk Assessments 

  • When using the 'Risk Assessment' button on a learner's Care Plan, this will open the Risk Assessment screen in a new tab.

Staff Records

  • Security - When on the Security tab for a staff record, clicking on the tool icon for the 'Pin' field now includes an option to 'Generate Pin'. This will assign a random 10 digit PIN to the staff record, and ensure that the same PIN is not being used by another member of staff.

Goals & Targets

  • You can now edit the Target Score for an observation once it has been submitted. To do this, click the 'View Evidence' option for an objective. Find the observation you wish to change the score for, and click on the pencil icon > 'Edit Observation'. This will bring up a window where you can then edit the score for an observation. 

You can only edit the score for an observation if a score was originally applied when adding the observation, and you must also have the following policy enabled: Admin > Policies > System Policies > Goals and Target Policies > "Update Score option when recording Observation".

Baseline Assessments

  • When recording the scores for a re-assessment, a new checkbox has been added labelled 'Keep same score as previous assessment'. When ticked, the score that was recorded for the selected target on the previous assessment will be carried across to the current assessment.

Block Reporting

  • You can now copy a Block Report. Go to Reporting > Block Reporting to view the Block Reports on your system, and use the copy icon to copy the selected report. A prompt will appear that allows you to title the copied Block Report. (this will copy across all properties of the selected Block Report apart from the 'Share' settings applied.)

New Block Reporting Fields Added:

  • Student Funding Block
    • Contribution Type
    • Contribution Category
    • Contribution Start and End Date
    • Element 3 Contribution
    • Theoretical Inv. amount
    • Account number
    • PO number
    • Contact
    • Billing Schedule
    • Billing Method
    • Contribution Status
    • Agreed Date

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