May Developments '23

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Here are the most recent developments made to Databridge, to be released 01/06/23


  • When using SSO, you can now specify which site to automatically log in to. Found in the Site Information area of the Security tab for a Staff record.

Risk Assessments

  • Reformatted Risk Assessments to optimise the layout for mobile/handheld devices. Risk Assessment information now appears on one screen without the need to side-scroll.

  • New ‘Risk Assessment Quick’ option available under the ‘Learner’ module in the left side navigation bar. This page is designed for tablet/mobile use and displays any Risk Assessments attached to a learner record.

  • New policy added to change how hazards appear onscreen. Found in Administration > Policies > System Policies > Learner Policies > Risk Assessment Policies > “Show "Likelihood x Severity Score" on Risk Assessment Title”. This denotes that the score for each risk header shows the Likelihood x Severity.

  • ‘Post Likelihood’ and ‘Post Severity’ are now available as System Labels that you can change to help distinguish between the two score areas for a Risk Assessment.

  • You can now decide if a Risk Assessment includes the second Likelihood x Severity scoring area. To do this, access the setup for a Risk Assessment in Standard Values, and when clicking on Options, you’ll see the option to ‘Show Mitigating Strategies Score’.

  • New policy added that allows you to view any Care Statements that have been linked to a Risk Assessment. Found in Administration > Policies > System Policies > Learner Policies > Risk Assessment Policies > ‘Show Care Plan Links’. When applied, any links to Care Statements will show at the bottom of the screen when viewing a Risk Assessment, and when clicked, will take you to the Care Plan Detailed page for that learner.

  • New policy added that lets you toggle if Risk Assessments appear at the top or the bottom of the ‘Care Plan Quick’ screen. To access this policy, go to Administration > Policies > System Policies > Care Plan Policies > “Care Plan Quick – Show Risks Folder At Top”.

Block Reporting

  • Staff username added to the ‘Staff’ Block

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