April Developments '23

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Here are the most recent developments made to Databridge, to be released 04/05/23

Risk assessments

  • Linking an existing risk to a Care Plan will warn the user that this is an existing Risk Assessment for the learner.

  • You can now add new Hazards for a Risk Assessment to a learner via their Care Plan without first adding them on their Risk Assessment screen.

  • When opening an existing Risk on the Care Plan, any details saved will appear on screen. This includes auto-calculating the Risk x Severity score.

  • When adding an existing Risk Assessment to a learner’s Care Plan, the user will be prompted for confirmation before saving.

  • Users can no longer add the same hazard to the same Care Statement, but you can link the same Risk Assessment to multiple Care Statements.

  • When deleting a Risk Assessment from the learner’s Risk Assessment screen, it will automatically delete this from any Statements that it is attached to on the learner’s Care Plan.

  • Any changes made to a Risk Assessment will overwrite the entry made on the learner’s Risk Assessment screen.

Care Plan

  • New bookmarks added to the Care Plan template print:
  • Emergency Contact Preferences
  • National Insurance Number
  • Marital Status
  • Social Worker and Social Worker contact info
  • Learner’s Next of Kin contact info
  • Student photo

  • The different links available on the Care Plan (Documents/Risks/MAR) will now open in a new tab, allowing you to remain on the same Care Plan.

  • Care Log – when printing out a learner’s Care Log, it now includes all Staff Links.

  • Care Log – the ‘Entered by’ and ‘Date entered by’ now appear on the Care Log printout.

  • New policies added to show/hide the tabs available on the Care Plan. To view these, go to Administration > Policies > System Policies > ‘Care Plan Policies’.

  • New policy added to show/hide the Audit Calendar on the Care Plan. To view these, go to Administration > Policies > System Policies > ‘Care Plan Policies’.

  • When viewing Care Plan Quick, any risks attached to a learner’s Care Statement will appear underneath. Clicking on the risk will then take you to the learner’s Risk Assessment screen.

  • In Care Plan Quick, the ‘Risks’ attached now have a separate icon to any Care Categories/Statements.

Learner/Staff records

  • When an NI number is input incorrectly on either a staff or learner record, the field will now be highlighted in red.

  • New Admissions report as specified by the 162A standards for independent schools. To access this, go to Learners > Reports > ‘Other Student Reports’ > ‘Admissions Register V2’.

  • SLASC - New age filter added to the ‘Find Learner’ screen to show all learners aged 14-16.

  • When printing out a PEEP entry for a learner, the printout will now show the building information as recorded on the PEEP entry, rather than the building/bedroom information from the learner’s record.


  • New option available to view the session leader for symbolic timetables. To enable this, go to Administration > Standard Values > Defaults > Site Settings > ‘Show Session leader on Symbolic Timetable’.

Day Attendance

  • New policy available for the Day Attendance screen – this will only show options in the Department filter that have been set as student departments in Standard Values.

To turn this policy on, go to Administration > Policies > System Policies > Learner Policies > ‘Day Attendance - Set Department filter to only show departments set to Learner’.

Goals and Targets

  • The evidence viewer on a learner’s targets screen now shows any tags that have been applied. This applies to when viewing evidence for a target, and for a specific objective.

To view evidence for a target, go to a learner’s targets page, click on the target you wish to view the evidence for, click on ‘Target actions’ and ‘View Evidence’ from the dropdown. Any tags applied to             evidence will appear on each entry.

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