February Developments

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Released 01/03, the latest update contains the following developments:

Goals and Targets 

    •    When setting a score for an objective, if the achievement score matches the predicted score for the overall target, a pop up appears giving you the option to mark the overall target as completed. This is a policy that can be found here: Administration > Policies > ‘Targets and Goals Policies’ > “Only Show Scores Match Pop-up, when 'Student Target Edit' permission is set for a user”.


    •    Evidence Browser – A new ‘Watch All Videos’ button that when clicked, opens a window that shows all video evidence displayed on the screen, and allows you to view each video in sequence via ‘Next/Prev’ buttons

Event Logs

    •    On Event Log Category Setup, a new checkbox is available in the Defaults setup labelled ‘Work Experience Related’. When this is ticked, any time the specific event log category is recorded for a learner, an entry will be made on a new ‘Event Log Tab’ found on the Work Experience page for a learner

    •    New fields added for event log templates to show the duration breakdown

    •    Reporting – New dataset filter option when building an Event report that allows you to filter by Staff Location. This is based on the Staff member selected on the event and the location recorded on their staff record, found on the Work tab – “Set Location” field


    •    Print SOW - On the SOW list screen, when you print a SOW to Word, it should now display the 3 OFSTED fields. This is a policy found in Administration > Policies > Session Policies > “Show Intent/Implementation/Impact”.

Care Plans

    •    Print Care Plan - New Option when Viewing a learner’s Detailed Care Plan to ‘Print Changes’. This will print a list of all changes made to a learner’s Care Plan in chronological order

    •    Care Categories – When securing Care Categories and Statements, the security groups checked will include all sites that a learner is in, not just their principal site


    •    Learning Styles - When viewing the Learning Styles for a learner, when printing the learning styles you now have the ability to select which categories of Learning Styles you wish to include on the printout

    •    Baseline Assessments - When viewing the Curriculum Area Tracker for a learner’s Baseline Assessments, if there are multiple assessments that extend beyond your screen’s length, you can scroll left/right to view the off-screen information, but the first column of the CA Tracker that displays the Targets being assessed now remains fixed in place for ease of reference

    •    Offsite Forms – You can add custom fields to Offsite forms (text boxes, checkboxes, etc). This is a policy that you can turn on via Administration > Policies > Learner Policies > “Off-site Forms – Show Custom Fields”

    •    When using the ‘Export Students’ option (Student > Find Student > File > ‘Export Students’) the following fields have been added to the export:

o    Local Authority

o    Academic Year

o    Residential Status

o    LEA

o    Programme

o    Funding Office and Source

o    Department

    •    Learner Applications – New link to the Student Documents area when viewing a learner’s application page

    •    Confidential Data - Start and End dates added to the Child Protection field when viewing the Confidential Data for a learner

    •    Info Sheet – When printing the contact information for a learner, the second mobile number for any contacts will now appear on the Info Sheet

    •    Review Meetings – When opening the ‘Review Meetings’ page, the end date filter now automatically defaults to the end of the academic year


    •    New column added to the ‘Admissions Register’ Report that displays any Social Workers attached to the learner record

Standard Values

    •    System Labels - New System Label added that allows you to change the labelling for the Learner ‘Applications’ option in the left-hand navigation bar

Staff Records

    •    Personnel Tab – New column added when viewing/editing Staff Absence to display the ‘Type’ of Absence

    •    Work Tab – New checkbox ‘Exclude from WFC’ – when this is ticked, the staff member won’t appear on the Workforce Collection screen

    •    Personnel Tab – New fields added to the Personnel Tab of a staff record: “Probation Extended Date” and “Probation Passed Date”. These fields are also available in Block Reporting

Staff Rota 

    •    When using the ‘print all Rotas (Excel)’ option, the export will include additional info such as Staff members set as Shift Lead, On Call, etc.


    •    When duplicating Rotas, you can now choose between to duplicating to a new rota, or to an existing one

Staff Holiday/Absence

    •    My Holiday – When staff request holiday, they can now request individual times off for each day. When the ‘Set time to all’ checkbox is unticked, a button appears at the bottom of the window. When clicked, this opens a pop up that allows you to set individual times for each day 

    •    Absence Manager – New screen added to the Absence Manager that displays all holiday requests. Users will need the ‘Holiday Approver’ Permission in order to view this screen, and the screen is found here – Staff > Absence Manager > View > ‘View All Holiday Requests’


    •    Session Attendance - When recording session attendance, any statuses that have the ‘Require Notes for Attendance’ setting applied will open a pop up for the user to then input notes to attach to the attendance status

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