December Developments

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Update to be released the evening 04/01/2023, this update will contain the following developments made during December:


  • Option to bulk add items to a Students Checklist tab
  • When printing student photos from the File menu on the Find Student screen, the printout will only show students relevant to the filters applied 
  • New MAR grid on the Medication tab for a learner record. Shows a timeline for when medication was administered (the new MAR grid is also automatically updated when a Medication Event is created)


  • New widget available, 'Staff - Upcoming Appraisals' - displays any upcoming Staff Appraisals
  • New permission 'Staff - View Policy Audits' - this enables access to Staff policy audits without giving full control of policies

Goals & Targets

  • New policy available in Administration > Policies > System Policies > 'Targets and Goals Policies', giving the option to show all targets not yet started as a default

Event Logs

  • New filter available on the Event Log Actions screen that allows you to filter by Event Log Category


  • Day Attendance - Day Attendance Dashboard shows percentages for KS1 - 5 
  • Day Attendance - A comment icon now appears next to notes if an attendance tracking record is created
  • Session Attendance - On the Session Attendance Dashboard, the graph 'Attendance by Statistical Meaning' now displays all statistical meanings
  • Session Attendance - The minutes late/attended has been added to the report 'Daily Session Attendance Report', found in Learner Reports
  • Sessions - New option to select/deselect all students when creating a session
  • Attendance Statuses - The method for reordering Attendance Statuses in Standard Values has been improved with a drag and drop function

Care Plans

  • New option added allowing you to bulk print Care Plans
  • Any likes or dislikes recorded for a Student on the Likes/Dislikes tab now appear on the Student's Care Plan
  • You can now add a multi-select dropdown to any custom care statements
  • New calendar icon added when the review date for a care statement is overdue


  • New Block added to Block Reporting - Job History
  • The Work Placements with date range report now has a print to Excel option
  • The Work Placements with date range report now has the option to filter by Site
  • New common report - list of Students by Tutor in Student Reports
  • Student's status history now available in Block Reporting
  • New Bookmarks added to Event Log Templates - Next of Kin, Next of Kin Contact, Next of Kin Relationship


  • New 'Approve' button added when viewing the details for a Student's funding entry. When approved, the page also shows which Staff member approved this. Permission required in order to approve funding: 'Student - Funding Approval'
  • Funding Categories and Statements can now be reordered in Standard Values, using a drag and drop function 
  • New field added to funding records to set the Attendance Pattern for a Student (options configurable in Standard Values)

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