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To be released evening of 30/11/2022, this new update will contain the following developments made during the month of November:


  • Print evidence – Incidental learning records and evidence layout changed on document
  • Option to set latest Target score when recording Observations
  • CRM screen – Site and Notes fields added to enquiry
  • Incidental learning option added to evidence submission screen
  • New common report – List of Exclusions
  • My Data widget – Additional links included under Staff Links
  • Red border highlight on postcode field if invalid
  • Session Attendance tab added to Learner record screen

Baseline Assessments

  • Curriculum Area Tracker – Export all option for all Baselines/Areas onto one sheet

Learner Portal

  • Filters added for Targets for Year and Achieved
  • Bulk set student logins in SPA under Security Functions. This will auto generate username/password.


  • All Sites option on Residence Manager
  • Custom care statements to display prompt from Category (set in Standard Values)
  • Pronoun next to Student Name


  • New policy to enable/disable anyone with the Holiday Approver permission from getting email notifications
  • Rota Manager – Audit display on each shift to see changes made
  • Rota Manager – Option to swap shifts between two people
  • Mark staff as Agency staff, labels with an A next to name and new filter on Rota Manager for this when selecting staff
  • Add certificate option added to Training/Qualifications manager screen
  • Additional fields added to Export Policy report
  • Display department next to Staff on Policy Audit view
  • Date range filter added to Staff Appraisals report
  • Signed Opt Out Agreement field added including on relevant Block Report
  • New permission for Print Rotas to allow printing for other Staff where do not have full Rota access
  • Pay/Salary Dashboard, view updated to include more fields on grid
  • Holiday Entitlement templates changed to allow And/or when choosing Job Title and Category
  • Link staff record to a previous record. 

Event Log

  • Additional bookmarks added for Template print


  • Delete option added directly to Session Observations
  • When altering attendance from original values, prompt should appear expecting notes to be entered accordingly for Attendance Tracking screen
  • Day Attendance tab and Dashboard – new Weekly attendance chart added
  • Bulk print timetables changed to a single PDF


  • All sites option
  • Exclude tick added to new ILR section on Learner Personal tab (more coming later to this area)


  • SLASC – 2023 option added 
  • SLASC - Quick Print added
  • New shortcut screen for Event and Block reporting. Share event text reports and block reports with others.
  • Event details now listed in Governance report builder
  • Confidential data added to Staff Block
  • Curriculum Area filter on Target Summary
  • Custom fields on Applications included on Block
  • No. Learners by Pronoun added to College Performance report
  • Daily Session Attendance Report – Excel option
  • Academic year filter added to Student MTGs block
  • New dashboard widget charts for Day/Residential, Disability categories and Key Stages

Planned Developments for December Update

Please note these are intended for December but are subject to change and not a guarantee these will be completed during that period. Depending on progress, additional or urgent developments may also be included.

  • Event Log – Target – Add evidence. Only show record achievement icon if have relevant permission as per when trying to create
  • Start of mock new ILR screen for forum, expected to be in January/February
  • Job History Block
  • Status history Block
  • Known as on Care Plan
  • Additional event bookmarks
  • Bulk add checklist items and amendments to relevant dashboard screen
  • Likes/Dislikes on Care Plan
  • Direct links to other areas on Care Plan
  • Calendar icon for overdue review dates on Care Plan
  • Approve funding records option
  • Attendance patterns on funding records
  • Reorder funding statements
  • Appraisal notifications
  • Additional filters on Session Creator
  • Comments when denying holiday
  • Multi-dropdown Care Statement field
  • Bulk print Care Plans
  • Category filter on Event Actions screen
  • Policy to hide not yet started targets by default
  • Excel option for Work Experience report


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Richard Allwood posted 4 months ago Admin

As per previous post in regards to our latest in person forum, we will be holding a drop in session on Friday the 2nd to allow you to ask any questions about the above. Please find this on the Events page in our forums.

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