July Update

Posted about 1 year ago by Richard Allwood

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Richard Allwood

Released 01/08/2022, this recent update contains the following developments:

Care/Support Plans

  • New dashboard widget, Outstanding Review Dates
  • New Bulk update Review dates option on Care Plan (Detailed) screen
  • New Template Manager option for Care Plans. This is in a basic state whilst we collect feedback
  • Statement notes now use a WYSIWYG editor (i.e. ability to format with bold, italic, bullet points)
  • If images attached to documents for a Statement, these are now displayed in the main view
    Intended for use to either symbolise the Statement or see relevant pictures of an item immediately
  • Add Risks to Statements (requires a Risk Assessment type to be setup on Student first for linking)
    Adding Risks here will add them to the existing Risk Assessment so you can build it from the Care Plan
    New Risk button added to Care Plan screen to take user to full Risk Assessment screen

Work Experience

  • New layout for Work Experience screen
  • Ability to record Gatsby Benchmark and see history
  • Displays Sessions where the Subject is configured as a Work Experience related subject
  • New Careers/Employability dashboard, available in Reporting -> Menu area. Will display breakdown charts, tabular data and outstanding general address documents

Event Logs

  • New option on custom fields for 'Show in Notifications'. This will include that field in the Event notification emails
  • Find Event, new filter for Events 'I've been notified of'
  • Find Event, new filter for Residential room (Student is in, not Event happened in)
  • Event Details, show Group name on linked events and ability to add event to existing group
  • Linked Events screen, show/hide toggle for viewing individual Events


  • Target scores displayed on evidence items


  • New Lunch dropdown added to Day Attendance. Options are customisable in standard values and can be shown/hidden via Settings option on the Day Attendance screen
  • Print options for history available in Reports menu on DA screen
  • True time in Sessions report now includes Minutes Late column
  • Session Attendance Dashboard, new chart for by Statistical Meaning
  • IMPORTANT - After making a change to an existing attendance status set, an entry in the Attendance Tracking screen will be made automatically in order to update the reason why this was changed. This is following new DfE guidance to ensure any attendance mark changes are recorded


  • New filters added to Find Learner screen for SAYG and CAYG. These stand for School Academic Year Group and College Academic Year Group
    These filters are pre-set (i.e. not customisable) and should grab Learners in an automated fashion for the selected value e.g. Year 5, 1st Year
    The SAYG filter uses the Date of Birth field to find relevant Learners, the CAYG filter uses the Start Date of their Site record
    These have been added with the mindset of replacing the Standard Value dropdowns for Year Groups that currently exist later on
  • New Stu. Notification option added for: New Student Added
  • Qualification/Documents screen, new Switch Learner option added


  • New fields added, Online Checks and Child Barred (only) check to Confidential tab
  • Fields above added to Single Central Record screen
  • Appraisal report changed to show if Staff has accepted 


  • Permission description added to Add Multiple Permissions modal
  • Export Statements option on Funding screen
  • Session Details, changed text colouring for Contextualised, Achievement recorded etc to use icons as reference instead
  • Check in/out screen, filter added for Residential
  • Virus Tracking, option to Export Staff entries to Excel

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