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Posted 12 days by Isela Bonequi

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Isela Bonequi

The reporting tool on Databridge is good, but has limitations on data manipulation. To navigate this and cover our BI reporting we have created some queries from the SQL server.

Recently we started using Power BI to generate these reports and thought it would be very useful to have a connector built in, so we could access all the reports already built in Databridge with the filters etc and output them through power BI to manipulate and produce our own specific Dashboards.  

I am trying to find out if there are any other users who would be interested in this and if it would be an option Databridge would consider.

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Daniel Godsil posted 7 days

We would be very interested 

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MIS Team posted 12 days

I think that's something we would definitely be interested in if this were possible!

Helen (InFocus College)

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