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Posted 28 days by Richard Allwood

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Richard Allwood Admin

We are looking to build an employer portal with the following developments:

  • Will use Timetabled Sessions, new link to General Address
  • Record attendance
  • Record evidence for approval in Databridge
  • Notifications
  • Messaging system - New/responses on WE Dashboard
  • WE Events to show in a diary view
  • Documents attached to GE display

Please let us know your thoughts and comments.

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Richard Allwood posted 12 days Admin

The plan for the portal is so they can set Attendance including the Mins Late and Mins Attended box. A week view for recording these should match this.

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Isela Bonequi posted 12 days

Could a timesheet for signing off be included? this can be generated from the timetabled sessions, ready for employers to review and sign off as completed.

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Richard Allwood posted 18 days Admin

Development planned for late 2022

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Richard Allwood posted 26 days Admin

Requested by College: Have events recorded directly on General Address

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